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Leonid Matyushenok - Sputnik Media Web Studio CEO

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My name is Leonid Matyushenok and I am the founder of the Sputnik Media web-studio.

As a studio, we have come a long and exciting way, over the years having developed excellent tools of effective solutions in branding, Web-development and promoting your business on the Internet.

When working with you, we will analyze your business, the business of your competitors, as well as the best representatives of your niche for components. And then, we will assemble from these components such a model that will bring you profit.

We will not reinvent the wheel. Because nobody needs it. Because everything has long been invented. The psychology of sales has not changed for centuries and will never change. Only technology is changing.

We know the psychology of sales and have the our own technology to apply this knowledge to your business and your specific situation. So you get new sales and new customers.

Contact us in any way convenient for you and we will respond within a working day.

Sputnik Media Web Studio CEO

A bit of history

The story of Sputnik Media starts in 2013, but the history of the teammates who join to make it is much longer.

Leonid Matyushenok, founder of the Sputnik Media Studio, has the 7 years experience working in the field of Internet marketing.

Originally from Latvia – a “country with the fastest internet”, he moved to Norway studying the marketing technologies in the modern IT world. Went through extensive training courses and mastermind groups from some of the leading Western as well as the Russian marketers. Over the years, nailed down complex system on how to promote businesses and attract new clients from the Internet

Now he lives in Bali, Indonesia, using the effect of this tropical paradise to his inspiration and workflow.

Sergio Roslovets, the senior designer and projects supervisor of Sputnik Media, from the mid 90’s works in the field of computer graphics, special effects, business and industrial design, programing and WEB development among the other skills. Born in Moscow, Russia, and received the university education in Aerospace Engineering and later in Psychology, he later became a professional traveler and found his new home in Mexico.

So, back in 2013, the two, being a good friends for a quite long time, decided to join their skills and efforts and provide a full range WEB service platform for small and medium businesses around the world. The years ahead prove the collaboration be efficient, fruitful and gave a lot of benefits both for the founders and their clients.

Occasionally the other members join in for different projects depending the needs. The geography of this international team expands all over the globe. So does the office of Sputnik Media.

Now, considering the partial lockdown in the world businesses because of COVID, many ways of doing business finally have to move into the Net. So we raise our level of services and open a virtual office for Mexico and all Latin America, to provide you the best solutions for your tasks to use this opportunity to stay stronger, more efficient and go on!

Contact us, tell us your needs and together we will make your new reality prosperous!

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